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GPS2CAD: GPS software that gives design professionals major cost savings in data collection by using recreational-grade GPS units to collect field information and plot it in AutoCAD, or their favorite CAD program.

Most recreational GPS units are well-suited for site layout and ;topo-plotting; requirements that do not need great accuracy, and GPS2CAD bridges the gap between these GPS units and CAD.

* Excellent for use in Environmental Mapping, utility mapping, wetlands delineation, land planning, energy planning, transportation planning, building information management.

* USES MOST COMMON GPS UNITS: Most GPS units from Garmin and Magellan are compatible with GPS2CAD, and connect at the click of a button. In addition, GPS2CAD will read files exported from Garmin's MapSource and Magellan's Mapsend.

Point files from other GPS and post-processing programs can be read into GPS2CAD through an extensive ;Import Wizard;. * WORKS WITH YOUR FAVORITE CAD PROGRAM: GPS2CAD is the only GPS software we know of that is directly compatable with AutoCAD Versions 2000 through 2010 and lets you easily bring your GPS points into your CAD environment: at the click of a button, you can plot polylines, points, and blocks.

Blocks and points can be plotted in 3D, for use in terrain modeling packages, and the blocks carry attrubutes showing all the point data. * VIEW YOUR DATA WITH Earth2CAD This feature lets you import the images from Google Earth, calibrate them, and plot the points and lines from your GPS unit onto the image.

Then with the click of a button, the image and point data is all sent into your AutoCAD drawing, ready for drafting. The coordinate translation is done correctly and everything is placed into your drawing at the correct scale.

AMC Inc. , the makers of GPS2CAD, are registered Autodesk Developers, so you know it works correctly with AutoCAD Compatible with AutoCAD, versions 2000-2010, WIndows XP and VIsta.

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